How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn Business Page

How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn Business Page These days, LinkedIn has joined in the bandwagon of social media marketing. A lot of businesses are now looking at increasing the number of their followers on this professional social network. As compared to the way Facebook works, LinkedIn is presented in a way that can benefit professionals and businesses. With a very limited pool of potential referral sources or potential clients gathered together in one place, it is highly essential for your business to get more followers.

Here are Some Tips on How You Can Get More Followers on Your LinkedIn Business Page:

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

In order to make your page extra relevant, you may include a description, and an overview of your company, complete with details on important information that describes the nature of your business. At the same time, make sure that you avail of ‘show news’, as doing so will post any press releases and news articles about your company automatically. Also, add your blog RSS to your business page in order to auto populate the content of your blog. With more targeted content posted on your profile, the more chances you have in increasing the number of your followers.

2. Add a Widget to Your Page

There is a tool in LinkedIn which will allow you to add widget to your page. In this way, you can also attach this widget to your email signature, blog or website. This feature will direct all your current clients and contacts to your LinkedIn business page and encourage them to start following.

3. Maximize the Potential of the Groups Feature

The groups feature was designed in a way that can serve as rendezvous for professionals where they can share content, post and view jobs, find answers, create contacts, and establish themselves as leading industry experts. Join some groups, and then it will also prompt you to find other groups with the same interests. With this feature, you will be able to narrow down individuals and businesses on LinkedIn, particularly to your clients and customers.

4. Follow the Company Pages of Your Clients

By following the pages of your clients, you will not only be updated with whatever they are currently working on, but most of the time, they will also follow you back and return the favor. By doing so, some other businesses and individuals in their circle may also see your presence and may even follow you too.

5. Engage Potential Audience

This can be done by posting updated and interesting content on your page. By doing so, you are engaging your audience to give you attention. Post relevant information on your page, but avoid posting spam unless you want your followers to unfollow you.