Tips to Decorate Modern Home Office

A home office might not get a lot of non-work related use but just because you have to work in there doesn’t’ mean it can’t have great style! Here are some home office decorating ideas that will give your room sleek modern style.

The first thing you need to consider is the color palette and there’s nothing worse than a bland office. Choose a modern color palette such as black, tan and white colors as your color scheme. If you want something more colorful pick one bright color like red or orange that you can use for accents to really make the room pop.

There isn’t a lot of accessories that one associates with a home office, but you can make the room interesting by buying neat modern pencil holders, trash basket and in boxes. For furniture, stick to a modernistic style with dark or light stained wood furniture. Careful selection of accessories and furniture will benefit your modern decorating look. Make sure you pick ones that have plain but interesting shapes.

Window treatments can really add to your modern home office decorating ideas and choosing a style that is somewhat minimalist is key. Try enhancing your windows with sheers or some good quality blinds. After you get the ideal look on your windows, you might realize the walls are bland by comparison. To get your walls looking as great as your windows, consider adding black and white photos in sleek dark frames.

The ideal lighting can also help to accentuate your decorating theme as well as make your work tasks easier. offices usually have desk lamps as lights but you also need good overhead lighting as well as some accent lights for guest seating. Buy lighting that is chrome and funky or sleek chrome to augment the modern home decorating style design approach.

Another key component that will help give the room designer appeal together is flooring and adding wall to wall carpet to your modern office can make the room look great. The ideal kind of flooring for your stylish and sleek style is shag or medium pile in white, black or beiges.

The finishing touches give your room a unique appeal so think about enhancing your modern style with sleek aluminum accents, a bamboo plant in a low vase combined with stainless steel bowls, angular pieces, and some retro kitsch to make the most of your interior decorating scheme. For a softer look add pillows that are simple with solid colors In addition to greenery and plants.

You can get more modern home office decorating ideas by looking in magazines and decorating books. The key is coming up with a plan for your color palette as well as the items you will need to buy. Make sure you follow your plan and buy the best items and your room will have the feel of a sleek designer home before you know it!

Home Office Design in Your Master Bedroom

Need a home office but don’t have a room? Thinking about your bedroom? Before deciding on your bedroom, consider your answers to these questions. Will more then one person be working at the desk and at what times? Do you need this area for working on projects that require quiet concentration? Do you need a large work area where you will be leaving your work laid out? Do you need quick and easy access to your files, books or materials?

I always prefer to place an office area in a room other than the bedroom if it is going to be used for work. Your bedroom should be a room where you can go to rest and let go of the work activities of the day. But if the bedroom is the best place for you, place it where you will not have a direct view of it from the bed. Your mind needs time to rest and relax and you might not be able to do that if you are lying in bed looking at work that needs to be done.

One option, place it in a corner and use a folding screen to hide it, any clutter and paperwork you’re working on. To make the closed screen look, like a part of the room and not something hiding the desk, accessorize the corner. Place a floor plant, an uplight and large floor accessory on the side you will not be opening and closing. Or disguise the corner with draperies you can drop down at night.

If your bedroom is large enough, try angling your bed and bringing it out into the room enough to place the desk behind the bed. Now, you don’t want the desk to act as your headboard, so you’ll need one. Make sure to leave enough room so that you can easily get behind the bed to your office area. If you don’t have the room to angle, bring the bed straight out from the wall.

Need more storage along with a desk? Build a unit with two bookcases and attach a desk top in-between or use a free-standing desk. Use bi-fold doors, a folding screen or drapery panels to conceal the desk area.

Other ideas are to use a roll-top desk, armoire, decorative writing desk or even a baker’s rack. If your desk will be open to view, purchase attractive desk accessories to keep your desk organized and the clutter out of view.